Panda Cult Games Has Announced A Kickstarter For A SHOVEL KNIGHT Board Game

Panda Cult Games Has Announced A Kickstarter For A SHOVEL KNIGHT Board Game

Yacht Club Games and Panda Cult Games have joined forces to start a Kickstarter campaign for a Shovel Knight board game titled Shovel Knight - Dungeon Duels -.

Shovel Knight has had a pretty great run ever since it released back in 2013, becoming one of the most popular Indie titles out there that almost single-handedly kickstarted the craze for indie titles; by becoming the first title to make players really start noticing games by independent developers.

With all of that success, Yacht Club Games's Shovel Knight, as a character, has already showed up in a handful of games from other Indie developers, and even as a Spirit in Nintendo's critically acclaimed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — and is about to get his own board game soon; or at least that's the idea.

As announced today by Panda Cult Games, they've teamed up with Yacht Club Games to begin a new Kickstarter that seeks to give players a Shovel Knight board game in the form of Shovel Knight — Dungeon Duels —, which will see players collecting treasure and fighting the Order of No Quarter in a 1-4 player side-scrolling, miniature board game.

The Kickstarter will begin on the 2nd of July, so they still haven't released too many details about the game itself, but with Shovel Knight's popularity, it is safe to assume that they'll meet their goal in no time.

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