STAR WARS 1313: Leaked Image Gives Us A Look At An In-Game Screenshot Of The Cancelled Game

STAR WARS 1313: Leaked Image Gives Us A Look At An In-Game Screenshot Of The Cancelled Game

A recently leaked image gives us a pretty good look at Boba Fett, front and centre, in an in-game screenshot of LucasArts' cancelled Star Wars 1313.

The story about Star Wars 1313 is almost as popular as the tragedy of Darth Plagueis — as it was one of the most ambitious video games based on the popular Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas, and its cancellation disappointed not only fans, but also developers involved in the project. 

Although the game was cancelled after LucasArts was acquired by Disney back in 2012, a lot of information regarding Star Wars 1313 had already been revealed; including concept art that showed Boba Fett — who was going to be the game's main character — and the various locations he would be travelling to.

We even got to see gameplay of Star Wars 1313 during the E3 back in 2013, which made its cancellation even more difficult to digest. In fact, some still mourn the fact that the game was never picked up by Electronic Arts, the current rights holder, although that may have been for the best; all things consdiered.

Just recently, a brand-new in-game screenshot of Star Wars 1313 has managed to make its way online, as Reddit user r/LifeByTheSword shared the image on the Star Wars subreddit — giving us a pretty good look of Boba Fett, front and centre, in the underworld of Coruscant.

With the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and The Mandalorian series, this may be the right time for Electronic Arts and Disney to reconsider bringing Star Wars 1313 back. We all hope that's the case, but it is rather unlikely considering that they may be focusing on the sequel to Fallen Order. Fingers crossed. 

Have a look:

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