SHOP TITANS Review: Breaking Down The Aspects Of Kabam's New Free-To-Play Steam Release

Kabam's popular mobile shopkeeping simulator has officially made the jump to Steam. Released yesterday, Shop Titans is now free-to-play on PC. Check out what we thought of the game in our breakdown below!

If you are a fan of shopkeeping simulators and you haven't checked out Shop Titans yet, you're missing out. The game has received positive feedback since its release on mobile last year, and the fan reactions have garnered a Steam release, which hit PC yesterday.

Interested fans can check the game out now as it released yesterday along with a launch trailer, which we have included below. Those who have been playing the title on Android and iOS will be able to enjoy cross-platform play with friends who only game on PC. The developer, Kabam (MARVEL Contest of Champions), was generous enough to share a review code with us ahead of the release so that we can share our thoughts with you on the title before you play it.

I've never really seen the appeal of simulators, but just a few minutes into Shop Titans I was hooked. Making the avatar took only a second and the action began right away. While I expected the game to be boring and time consuming, I wound up finding myself looking for more time to contribute to playing it. 

I didn't expect the game to involve an RPG fighting component and though the player doesn't control the characters in battle, they are in charge of equipping them, powering and leveling them up, healing them, and choosing teams for battle based on power levels. Crafting higher level iterms makes for stronger fighters as you can then equip your party with higher quality weapons.

The image I had in my mind before I played the game was a tiny shop without any customization options which is the complete opposite of how the game actually is. Players are encouraged to expand their shop, build furniture and racks for the products, upgrade the items in the building, and even add decorations in front of the shop.

Selling and buying are obviously two big aspects of the game -- all of which can be done within your store, including purchases from the online market. If someone wants to buy something you are out of, they will patiently wait for you to craft it for them. You have the option to haggle with customers to control whether you get less money but more energy or vice versa.

Energy is spent on many things but most importantly it is what your buying and selling revolves around. Making small talk with customers and sellers could either provide or remove energy from the player and potentially lose the opportunity to haggle for more money from buyers and less money to sellers, so it is a roll of the dice. Surcharging lowers energy as does offering a different item to the customer.

It is important to level up your workers and resources in the city so that you have the help needed and the required parts to craft your goods. Joining guilds is also recommended as you can ask for help which will speed up your upgrades and in turn you can do the same for them.

Shop Titans falls somewhere between a simulation game and an RPG with extraordinary results. With the ability to not only design and run your own shop, but also to build up fighting teams and adventure through quests, players have plenty to do. While the mobile version garnered well-deserved praise, the Steam version proves to be a welcome upgrade to an already loved adventure. Gamers will certainly benefit from elevating their gaming library with the contents of Shop Titans. - Five out of five.

Will you be checking out Shop Titans on Steam? Take a look at the launch trailer and synopsis for the game below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


Shop Titans is the ultimate RPG shopkeeper simulation. Craft powerful equipment, stock your shop and sell to aspiring heroes… at a markup! Hire heroes and explore dungeons to gather valuable materials to craft with. There’s never a dull moment in the world of Shop Titans!

Shop Titans is now available to play for free on Steam.
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