GOD OF WAR: Jason Momoa Says He'd Like To Potray Kratos In A Live Action Film

GOD OF WAR: Jason Momoa Says He'd Like To Potray Kratos In A Live Action Film

A fan recently asked Jason Momoa if he knew of the God of War franchise and whether or not he'd like to play the part. Hit the jump and check out what he said!

Jason Momoa has been killing it lately with the Aquaman and Justice League films. He recently sat down and chated with some of his fans about what he is working on and about what is in the works.

Momoa has already signed on to play Rico Rodriguez in an upcoming adaptation of Just Cause and he is linked to the reboot for The Crow. However, there is one role that a fan asked if he wouldn't mind playing and that is God of War's Kratos. 

Sony as of this moment has no plans for a God of War movie, but the clip above could really get them thinking about a live action film, especially with Kratos making his long awaited comeback next year. Sony could also wait and see how the Uncharted movie does at the box office. 

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In the video clip, a fan asks whether or not Momoa is aware of the God of War franchise to which he responds with "the guy with the white and red" and how he would love to potray the mighty Kratos in a feature film. 

The only thing sony has said on the matter is that Jason Momoa would be a good fit for the role and nothing else. Like many film enthusiasts out there, Sony is probably waiting to see how the Justice League and Aquaman fair at the box office. If it does happen, the movie carry the R rating. You can't do the video game justice in a PG-13 setting. There is to much blood and of course some nudity.  

Would you want to see a God of War film featuring Jason Momoa? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!
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