TOMB RAIDER: Camilla Luddington Would Like To See Lara Croft Have A Daughter In Future Games

After more than a decade of games centered around Lara Croft, actress Camilla Luddington reveals she would like the Tomb Raider franchise to show Lara tackle motherhood and perhaps even focus on her daughter.

Recently, Camilla Luddington said she would be okay with stepping away from the Tomb Raider franchise, if that's what the developers decide - noting that she is very proud of the work she has done so far. Though, with that considered, there’s still a good chance the actress will continue in the role.

However, even if she continues bringing Lara Croft to life for games beyond Shadow of the Tomb Raider, there’s no telling where Square Enix will take the character next. But if they are searching for ideas, we now know Camilla Luddington has an interesting one of her own.

“I would love to jump ahead and see Lara with a daughter tomb raiding together,” Luddington explained to the folks at Variety. “I want to know what her relationship would be with her daughter, see her having that experience.”

Not only would Luddington want to explore a Lara who is grappling with motherhood, she would also like to see the daughter “be the main character.”

This is largely still just wishful thinking on the star’s part, but apparently the performance director for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Darryl Purdy, has discussed this idea with the actress and agrees “it would be a very interested thing” to explore in future installments.

Still, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t appear as if there has been any serious conversations about giving Lara a daughter, so there isn’t much to suggest this will be the route the developer takes. But if this does become a serious prospect, games like the recent God of War have shown players are interested in titles that take familiar characters and have them deal with things like parenthood.
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TOMB RAIDER Television Series In Development At Amazon

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