Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Demo Impressions

We recently downloaded the Kingdom of Fire: Circle of Doom demo from Xbox Live, and took it for a quick spin around the block.

Review Opinion
By NateBest - Jan 11, 2008 12:01 AM EST
Source: HolyFragger

Initially, this game looks fantastic. The environments, characters, and creatures looked great.

The sound was ok, but it got repetitive. We're hoping that's only because it was the demo, and not the actual finished product.

There are tons of weapons, and ways to customize your character. The demo only let you play one of the characters (Lienhart), but it was nice to see that his weapons changed, and even his armor, as we equipped new things.

The fighting got a little dull, even in the short demo, due in part to the fact that the sound effects aren't very inspiring. The camera gave us trouble a couple of times as well, but having the ability to swing it around using the right stick was a nice touch, and helped us get out of a sticky situation.

The story sounds like it may have some potential (the classic evil god versus good god), but the demo didn't really explore it at all. There was a small section of prologue that you can read through, but that was about it.

Right now, I'm going to reserve judgment until I've played the final release, but Kingdom of Fire: Circle of Doom looks like it has some promise. The fact that you can play multiplayer with 3 other friends over Xbox Live, if done right, could make this an absolute gem.

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