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Fracture Reshape the battlefield -- and the fate -- of a broken nation in Fracture. The new IP from LucasArts and Day 1 Studios is "groundbreaking" in more ways than one. As Jet Brody, a demolitions expert in Atlantic Alliance, you use explosives and terrain-deforming weaponry to change the face of battle between a divided America.
Amidst a backdrop of worldwide ecological and seismological chaos in the mid-2100s, the United States has been split in two by the "Great Flood". As a result of the polar ice cap melting, the Mississippi River has destroyed the central portion of the United States, causing an ill-equipped Federal Government to fail and literally cutting the country in half.

Set in the mid-2100s with a backdrop of worldwide ecological and seismological chaos, Fracture entertains a plausible future conflict. As stem cell research continues to proliferate and spiral out of control, ideological differences over genetic enhancement place the player at the threshold of an epic battle of genetics vs. cybernetics, as two powerful armies, with vastly differing tactics and advantages, square off. The battlefield will change forever.

Release Date: October 7, 2008
Publisher: Lucas Arts
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