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Master Chief Joins The Battle In The Intense, New Forever We Fight Live-Action Trailer For HALO INFINITE
Halo Infinite officially releases on Xbox and PC in just over a week's time. Microsoft and 343 have dropped an awesome, new live-action trailer showing off Master Chief in the heat of battle.
UPDATE: New BIOSHOCK Game Titled BIOSHOCK ISOLATION Reportedly In The Works At Irrational Games
It seems about time for BioShock to make a comeback and that's exactly what Irrational Games is cooking up according to this new leak. Hit the jump to find out more...
BioWare Shares Intriguing Poster For The New MASS EFFECT Game On N7 Day
BioWare celebrated N7 Day with an intriguing new poster that has led to all sorts of speculation and theories for the highly anticipated new Mass Effect game.
WRC 10 Review: An Engaging and Versatile Triumph Of The Racing Genre
WRC 10 is here. The official companion game to the World Rally Championship offers plenty of attractive elements for seasoned fans of the WRC series and newcomers alike.
It's Finally Official: ALAN WAKE REMASTERED Is Set To Be Released Later This Year!
We've been hearing rumblings about this for a while, but it's finally official: Alan Wake Remastered will be released later this year, and you can find everything we know so far about the game right here...
MASS EFFECT LEGENDARY EDITION Remastered Comparison Trailer Shows Off Massive Visual Improvement
A new trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition shows off the visual upgrades of the upcoming remaster of EA's beloved sci-fi trilogy. Check out the remastered comparison trailer in 4K below!
MASS EFFECT LEGENDARY EDITION Has Gone Gold Bringing Us One Step Closer To Experiencing The Remastered Epic
Mass Effect Legendary Edition project director Mac Walters announced that the remastered version of the beloved sci-fi epic has gone gold, effectively locking in the May 14th release.
MASS EFFECT LEGENDARY EDITION Now Available For Pre-Order Ahead of Spring 2021 Release
Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remaster of BioWare's beloved sci-fi trilogy, can now be pre-ordered on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. EA has yet to announce a release date.
MASS EFFECT Continues As BioWare Shares First Teaser For The Next Chapter In The Sci-Fi Franchise
BioWare released the first teaser trailer for the next chapter in the Mass Effect franchise, which will seemingly take place after Mass Effect 3 and post-Commander Shepard. Check out the teaser below!
FALLOUT 76: STEEL DAWN A New Trailer For The Free Update Is Streaming Now
The Fallout 76: Steel Dawn update is coming soon and to celebrate, a brand new trailer has started streaming that shows off some of what will be included. Hit the jump to check it out!