POKÉMON GO: Prepare To Celebrate The June Community Day - Here's What You Need To Know About Deino

Remaining one of the top mobile video games, Pokémon Go continues to celebrate Community Days each month to keep things fresh and the trainers headed back to the wild. This weekend celebrates Deino.

For many people, it may not seem like Pokémon Go has been out that long. However, this month the game just had its sixth anniversary, having been released back in 2016.

The pandemic lasted so long that the game actually integrated different settings for a while so that players could still play at home instead of deleting the app altogether. Now that regulations have become more relaxed, however, Niantic has done everything in its power to get people off their seats and back on the streets.

Between the nonstop "paid" research events, which are usually less than a dollar, and the constant Team Rocket updates and Global challenges, there is plenty to go for a walk for. Not to mention that there are many new creatures to record in the Pokédex while the pandemic has happened.

Even those who don't want to leave their house are still able to play regardless of regulations because of the remote raid passes and friend invitations that were introduced during the COVID-19 lockdown protocols. With free refills daily, it can be hard to even find enough raids to do from your own couch.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th is the June Community Day, and while there have been some disappointing ones as of late, this one is sure to get people talking and walking. It celebrates a particularly beloved creature that most don't have recorded yet - Deino.

Not only is Deino available during this Alolan celebration, but it will be much easier for players to find a shiny version of the cute dinosaur Pokémon as well. Beyond Deino, the evolutions are Zweilos and then Hydreigon which are quite powerful dark/dragon dual-type Pokémon.

Because of the dragon typing, this will be a huge help to those who need to capture more of them for silly old research lines that are clogging up their research space. As always, the final evolution in the line is able to learn a special move so long as they are evolved during the event.

Don't forget, there is also 1/4 hatching speed. Is this enough to get you out and play or did you already plan on it? Regardless of your take, please share your thoughts in the comments section as always!

"Across the planet, amazing creatures have been discovered..." Have you caught any of the Pokémon which are featured in this new Pokémon GO trailer?

Pokémon Go June Community Day is taking place tomorrow, Saturday, June 25th between 11 am and 5 pm local time.

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