Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Developer: The Pokémon Company Release Date: July 7th, 2016 In Pokémon GO, players around the globe will explore their surroundings to find and catch wild Pokémon hiding in their midst. Some wild Pokémon appear in their native environments—for example, Water-type Pokémon may appear near lakes and oceans. Once players have encountered a Pokémon, they can catch it by using their smartphone’s touch screen to throw a Poké Ball. Poké Balls and other special items can be found at PokéStops located at interesting places, such as public art installations, historical markers and monuments.
POKÉMON GO: Prepare To Celebrate The June Community Day - Here's What You Need To Know About Deino
Remaining one of the top mobile video games, Pokémon Go continues to celebrate Community Days each month to keep things fresh and the trainers headed back to the wild. This weekend celebrates Deino.
POKEMON Is Coming To Universal Studios Japan In 2022
Pokemon, the massively popular pocket monster franchise, will come to life at Universal Studios Japan in 2022. Guests will immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon with innovative technology and creativity.
POKEMON GO: The Fantastic Mobile Game Has Announced Two New Community Days For November
The hit mobile game, Pokemon GO, has maintained a consistent community day every month, for fans. However, this month will be a little different with two community days instead of one! Hit the jump for more!
POKEMON GO: Animation Week Is Coming And Is Bringing Classic Pokémon From The Show
Pokemon GO is going big this coming week with a brand new Animation Week event! Hit the jump to see what iconic Pokémon will be available in the hit game!
POKEMON GO: The Hit Mobile Game Has Earned A Whopping $1 Billion This Year
The hit mobile game Pokemon GO may have been around for a few years now but that doesn't mean that the game has ever slowed its earnings. Hit the jump to see how much the game has made for the year so far!
POKÉMON GO: Gear Up For Tomorrow's 2020 October Community Day Featuring Golden Charmander
The monthly tradition of Pokémon Go events continues tomorrow with the 2020 October Community Day, which will grant players an opportunity to snag a shiny golden Charmander or a black Charizard! Check it out!
POKEMON GO: A New Collaboration With Longchamp Is Coming To Both The Game And Retail Stores
The hit mobile game, Pokemon GO is bringing some new styles from Longchamp to players both in the game and real life! Hit the jump for more information!
POKEMON GO: Porygon Has Been Confirmed As The Next Community Day Pokemon
With the conclusion of the fan votes and everything counted up, Porygon is the winner of the latest Pokemon GO community day! Hit the jump to find out what to expect!
POKEMON GO: The Addition Of Mega Raids Has Created Some Changes To How Raids Operate
With mega evolutions changing how trainers battle in Pokemon GO, there have also been changes made to the raid system. Hit the jump to learn more about the addition of Mega Raids!
POKEMON GO: Developer Niantic Responds To Criticisms Regarding The New Mega Evolutions
As the new mega evolution mechanic is introduced to players in Pokemon GO, there have been multiple feedback suggestions to improve the addition. Hit the jump to see how Niantic has responded to the fans!