RESIDENT EVIL 7 Has Shipped 3 Million Units To Retailers Worldwide

RESIDENT EVIL 7 Has Shipped 3 Million Units To Retailers Worldwide

Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil 7 has shipped another 500,000 copies to retailers, bringing its retailer sales up to 3 million since its January launch.

When Capcom released Resident Evil 7 biohazard on January 24, 2.5 million copies were sent to retailers for its highly anticipated launch.  Almost 3 weeks later, demand for the game has seen an additional 500,000 copies shipped to retailers worldwide.  However, the magic number Capcom needs to meet profit expectations for RE 7 is 4 million copies shipped to retailers and they need to achieve this number by March 31, which is when the company's fiscal year ends.

Despite these impressive sales figures, Capcom shares actually fell when this news was released as the numbers are actually down from Resident Evil 5, which shipped 4 million copies to retailers at launch.  However, Resident Evil 7 is enjoying more favorable review scores from fans and critics alike so it's entirely possible that Capcom rallies and achieves their sales target by the end of March.

Since the franchises launch in 1996, Capcom has shipped 76 million Resident Evil copies to retailers worldwide.

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