5 Things We Learned From the New Battlefield Hardline Beta Trailer

5 Things We Learned From the New Battlefield Hardline Beta Trailer

The floodgates are open and information on Battlefield Hardline is flowing through. Here are the top 5 things we learn from the Battlefield Hardline Beta Trailer. See the top five and the trailer here!

By scifelli - Jan 29, 2015 02:01 PM EST
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The Battlefield Hardline beta is just around the corner on February 3rd. Here is what we learned from the Hardline trailer. We reiterate... this game is going to be huge!

1) The speed of the game:

I think we realized this a little bit, but man this game is going to be fast paced. No matter what gameplay you actually play, it will require quick decisions. The game modes Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Heist, Bloodmoney, Hotwire, Rescue and Crosshairs; all will require teams to act fast or pay the penalty, but don't worry there are many ways to get back into it. From cars chases to blowing up stuff, there won't be a dull moment.

2) Gadgets:

All game modes will feature over 30 new gadgets to take into the battlefield. Whether you are the cops or the criminals you will be well armed. Whether you're staying or going there is something to be used to gain the advantage. The grapple hook and the zip-line crossbow allow anyone to get into the battle quickly to flank enemies or provide support. Cops can use ballistic shields to provide necessary cover. The criminals will basically use anything to kill. Sledgehammers, molotov cocktails and crowbars are all fair game. A few other gadgets to mention are the stun guns and laser trip mines. Need to apprehend an enemy in a non lethal way? Just stun gun the crap out of them. Tell the enemy to stay out by planting a few laser trip mines. Stuff go kaboom!

3)Hacker mode:

We absolutely love this. Take over the environment around you and make the enemy pay. Hacker mode will add an extra amount of paranoia in game. The game is already really fast paced and this just adds to the level of excitement the game has to offer.


Grab a buddy get into one of the many different vehicles specifically designed for the urban atmosphere and ride into the sunset guns' a blazing! Cars, trucks, police cars are just the beginning. This will be noticed in the various modes, but more noticeably in the "hotwire mode," where you need to steal marked cars while the police try to repossess them.

5) The story mode:

Ever want to be inside a criminal drama show? Battlefield Hardline is your chance. Nick Mendoza is new to the precinct and will need a lot of help bringing down a criminal drug ring. It looks as if the several side missions will take you outside of the story, but provides more depth to the game. Don't worry pulling people over and citing them won't be apart of the game. It is the vice division . . . where the fun stuff happens.

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