MINECRAFT Aquatic Update, New Mob, And More Announced At MINECON Earth

MINECRAFT Aquatic Update, New Mob, And More Announced At MINECON Earth

The Aquatic Update for Minecraft will be the largest for the game's oceans, adding coral, kelp, dolphins, and more. Mojang has also delayed the Super Duper Graphics pack for the Nintendo Switch version.

MINECON Earth has come and gone, but during the livestream we had some pretty exciting announcements for Minecraft, including a brand new update.

The Update Aquatic is will be the largest update ever for Minecraft's oceans. It will add coral, kelp, more types of fish, dolphins, explorable shipwrecks, new water physics and more. A new trident weapon, which can be thrown at enemies and used in close-combat, will be added. Three enchantments were also revealed for the weapon, including the Loyalty enchantment which makes it return to you after you've thrown. The two others - Impaler and Slipstream Dash - are being left up to our imagination. The Update Aquatic will arrive in a "future update."

A new mob has also been officially decided on by vote and Mob B - The Monster of the Night Skies is the winner This manta-ray like flying monster spawns at high altitudes and is attracted to insomnia, meaning it will find players who haven't slept for many days.

Other notable announcements include a new server partner, The Hive, who will introduce a new mini-game "Death Run" later this year. In this game, players will "race through a map, overcoming obstacles, avoiding traps and proving their parkour prowess to be the first one to reach the end!"

Lastly, the Super Duper Graphics pack for the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft has been delayed until next year. Mojang's Tom Stone wrote: "Separately, the Nintendo Switch community will still be getting the new version of Minecraft with cross-platform multiplayer, but not until 2018. Nintendo has been a great partner and we’re really excited to fully bring Switch players into the fold, however, we need to make sure we deliver the best experience possible. So the new version of Minecraft will now be coming to Nintendo Switch next year. Xbox One, PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch, all playing multiplayer Minecraft together in 2018 - I'm getting emotional just thinking about it..."
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