MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Producer Blames Release Window For The Game's Poor Reception

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Producer Blames Release Window For The Game's Poor Reception

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Producer Blames Release Window For The Game's Poor Reception

The producer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mark Darrah, is blaming the game's release window for the poor reception it got, completely disregarding their own responsibility.

Mass Effect is a series of games developed by BioWare that focus on role-playing with science fiction elements that originally came out for the Xbox 360 in 2007—later being ported to the PlayStation 3, PC, and even the Wii U.

The story of the original trilogy made every choice the player made matter, which is what made the games so popular. Why some would agree that the ending of the story was rather disappointing, there is no denying that the whole story was quite an experience. Which is why people were so excited when Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced for this generation of consoles. Then the trailers came out and there was something very odd with the character animations, more specifically their faces—which looked like they had no expressions. 

When Mass Effect: Andromeda finally came out, it was a disaster. Reviews were not kind, calling the title a rushed game with no heart and a lot of glitches. This obviously made people raise an eyebrow and simply skipped out on the game.

Today, Mass Effect: Andromeda producer, Mark Darrah, takes it to Twitter to answer whether the game got a fair shake or not. As it turns out, they do acknowledge that the game was flawed, which is quite respectable, but he then goes on to say that the main problem was the release window due to other titles being released at the same time Mass Effect: Andromeda was. The titles he's referring to are Nioh, Nier: Automata, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild—none of those titles are in any way similar to Mass Effect, much less Andromeda—which he says that do things better than their game.

The problem with that statement is that even if the game was indeed affected by the other titles' release dates, the end product was still very flawed. All of those flaws were very notorious even before the game released, going all the way back to the official gameplay trailers a year before the game came out. Which means that it was a disaster that could've been avoided and wsn't in order to meet a deadline that they could've easily pushed back.

Hopefully the people over at BioWare have learnt their lesson and don't actually believe that the release window was the culprit, especially since Mass Effect: Andromeda was polished with a few patches and is now what the product should've been at launch, proving that they are very capable of delivering a proper game—they just need time to actually do it right.

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