Sega Says That They Want To Deliver Top Quality SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Video Games From Now On

Sega Says That They Want To Deliver Top Quality SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Video Games From Now On

Sega's PR Aaron Webber has recently revealed that they can't wait to share news about upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog projects, and that they promise to deliver top quality products from now on.

Sonic the Hedgehog games has been Sega's flagship franchise pretty much since the first SOnic the Hedgehog game was released; when the company introduced Sonic as the company's mascot that would go toe-to-toe with Nintendo's very own Mario.

While both Mario and Sonic have had their ups and downs, people tend to agree that Sonic's missteps tend to be more abysmal than Mario's. Sonic the Hedgehog titles have been great for the most part, but there are quite a bunch that have not managed to meet neither the fanbase nor mainstream players' demands.

The main problem with the Sonic the Hedgehog series isn't the quality of its games, but rather its consistency, and Sega is well aware of this — which is great news for fans of the beloved series.

In the first episode of Sonic Official's Season 4 series, Sega PR Aaron Webber revealed that they are really excited about the Sonic the Hedgehog series' future, although they can't really tell us what the exciting news is just yet.

Webber does address the lack of consistency in Sonic games, though, and it does look like the developer are ready to begin delivering the top quality products fans expect from them.

"Back in the day it used to be like every year there was a new Sonic game. And as a result of that, there were a number of times...because of that rushed production schedule, the quality of the games wouldn't quite be where they really needed to be," Webber explained.

"A few years ago, we actually said 'hey, that's going to change going forward, we're going to put probably more time into things as we go forward,' and that's going to mean that you have to wait longer between trailers or announcements...and we know that's kind of annoying sometimes, cause you just really want news, but that's where we are now and we think that the patience hopefully will be worth it in the end."

"We're really excited for what's to come but we can't really say anything right now - so thank you for being patient. And as soon as we have news or anything to share with you, we absolutely will share it with you. That's the best I can say...That's the short version of kind of why it's taken a bit longer to hear anything," Webber concluded.

Sega is one of the many companies that are confirmed to make an appearance during the New Game + Expo online presentation that will be hosted in June, so they may take that opportunity to reveal those exciting Sonic the Hedgehog news they can't wait to share. We'll have to wait and see.

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