MORTAL ROYALE, The Battle Royale Game That Pits You Against 999 Players

MORTAL ROYALE, The Battle Royale Game That Pits You Against 999 Players

You read that right, 1000 players will be competing for the number one spot in this upcoming Battle Royale game. Mortal Royale is a massive scale BR fantasy game. Check out more info!

Star Vault has announced Mortal Royale, and has now opened the registry for its closed alpha.

Using MMO technology developed in the last 10 years, the team wants to do a massive battle royale in games that support 1000 participants in a server, a figure far superior to the most popular battle royale games.

"A lot of players are thrown into a wide world in the eye of a deadly storm that is gradually closing in. In this place they will be able to find and tame mounts to gain advantage in the battlefield," the studio announced.

You can get armor, weapons and magic to execute your rivals, with the aim of being the last survivor of these 1000 participants. Fans will love the fact that it will be free to play.

The game contains "hundreds of different weapon combinations." Even though the game has these many players, the amount of weapons and armor sets are sure shocking.

Registration is easy, all you have to do is login with your Steam account. Check out the full details on the game's website.

Mortal Royale is a battle royale game on a massive scale in a fantasy setting. Up to 1000 players are thrown into a massive world in the eye of a deadly chaotic storm that is slowly closing in on them. Find and tame mounts to give you not only speed but a powerful advantage on the battlefield. Scavenge the lands for armor, weapons,bows and powerful magic to execute the unworthy and stand as the final surviving champion when the storms finally settles.

Mortal Royale is in PC closed alpha right now.

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