Rockband Review

Rockband Review

If you're into rhythm games, like Guitar Hero, you're going to absolutely love Rockband.

When we first heard about Rockband we were a little nervous about trying it out, especially when we saw the price tag for the special edition bundle (that includes one guitar, drums, and a microphone). What can we say? Spending almost $200 on a game IS a little crazy.

After doing some research and finding out that MTV was behind it, as well as Harmonix, the original creators of the Guitar Hero Franchise, our minds were put at ease.

Then we saw the songs that were going to be included in the game, and we went crazy. Who doesn't want to sing Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, or play the drums for Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden?

So how are the instruments? Let's put it this way, the guitar is our least favorite instrument now. We've actually found that the drums, although difficult to pickup at first, thanks to having to push the foot pedal AND use the drumsticks, are probably the funnest instrument to play. Singing is right up there, but some of the songs are a little hard to hit the highs and lows. Every song is different, and it's a little irksome at times. Once you've completed a song once or twice, you figure out exactly where your voice needs to be to score the big points.

The fact that you can have up to three other people playing with you, whether it is on the same console, or over Xbox Live, makes Rockband serious fun. It actually turns it into more of an experience, rather then just a game. Be warned: Some people were not meant to sing. It can be absolutely hilarious at times, but if you're looking to progress through the career mode, you better bring your A-Game.

Rockband is a ton of fun, and a great party, or family game, due to having the ability to play four instruments (drums, microphone, guitar, bass guitar). With that being said, there are a few things worth mentioning that prevent it from scoring higher.

1. The graphics aren't as nice as we would have expected
When compared to Guitar Hero III, they leave a little to be desired. They aren't bad, but they don't blow your mind either.

2. Playing the same songs over and over gets repetitive
I guess if you're really in a band, this is something that you have to deal with, but after playing several gigs with the same handful of songs, it gets a little old. The World Tour is fun, and getting the different unlockables (everything from bodyguards to t-shirts) ads to the replay, a little more variety would be nice.

3. The Stratocaster guitar looks great, but doesn't feel quite right
Initially we thought that this was because we were more comfortable with the Guitar Hero guitar, and the fact that they both strum VERY differently, but after spending a ton of time with the game, we've decided that the Stratocaster feels a little cheap. Not only that, it seems to miss notes occasionaly.

Other then the couple of items mentioned above, there's not really much to say. Rockband simply rocks.

Final verdict: 9/10
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