A Glitch Suggests That The Reveal Of RED DEAD REDEMPTION: REMASTERED Is A Matter Of Time

A Glitch Suggests That The Reveal Of RED DEAD REDEMPTION: REMASTERED Is A Matter Of Time

A Glitch Suggests That The Reveal Of RED DEAD REDEMPTION: REMASTERED Is A Matter Of Time

A major in-game bug that has been recently spotted in Red Dead Redemption 2 suggests that Rockstar Games is currently working on the remastered version of the first Red Dead Redemption. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The fact that you explore the (pretty lifeless) map from the first Red Dead Redemption in the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 has sparked the speculation that Rockstar Games might be planning to add the 2010 game's content into RDR2's single-player and online mode at some point in the future. While it would surely satisfy the majority of players, Rockstar's plans are seemingly more ambitious.

YouTube users Reel and Elemeno Peah have shared two videos that suggest that Rockstar might be indeed working on the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption. In the third Red Dead game (does anyone remember Red Dead Revolver?), Rockstar introduced an all-new feature that allows you to greet every single side character you meet in-game, leading to some truly fascinating bugs.

In Red Dead Redemption 2's epilogue, you play as the protagonist of the first Redemption game John Marston. In the YouTube videos, we see Marston greeting an NPC, but when he does it, we hear the voice of an adult Jack Marston, John's son. As you may know, Jack is featured in RDR2 as a child and teenager, but never an adult person. What's more interesting, in the epilogue of the original RDR, you play as the adult Jack, and while it might a coincidence, we think there's more to it than meets the eye.

While some players may say that it's a small sign of new features in Red Dead Online, it wouldn’t make much sense to include Jack in the multiplayer mode, as RDO takes place long before John Marston's first adventure. The other option is that it’s just a forgotten placeholder that will be fixed down the line, but the third idea is that Rockstar is planning to release a remaster of Red Dead Redemption.

As mentioned above, you can explore the map from the first Red Dead Redemption trough a glitch in the second one and it would be pretty wasteful to include this huge Mexican terrain in-game for no good reason on Rockstar's part. While nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, there’s a rather big chance that an RDR2 bundle with the original RDR will be announced at least for PC in the future.

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