INJUSTICE 2 - Is TALION The Guest Character In Fighter Pack 3?

INJUSTICE 2 - Is TALION The Guest Character In Fighter Pack 3?

With the Injustice 2 Beta available on PC, it was only a matter of time until dataminers examined through the assets to unveil secrets...

PC Dataminers have unearthed two files names '' and '' in the Injustice 2 Beta Assets folder. Unless this is the alias for another character or a NetherRealm code, it has to be the fan favourite from the critically acclaimed Middle Earth series which, like Injustice, is also owned by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.

Talion's addition to the game would create a unique swordsmans fighting style which combines his nimble moves and the power of the Elf Lord Celembrimbor. Surely, his trait would revolve around the wraith powers; maybe as a temporary buff on all of his moves. The prospect of a Middle Earth themed supermove in Injustice 2 sounds a dream come true; who wouldn't want to see Superman get crushed by a Cave Troll or the Balrog?

Talion recently re-appeared in the sequel of Middle Earth: Shadow Mordor, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, which justifies the inclusion into the Injustice 2 roster as the two Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment games can cross-promote each other, potentially transferring fans over.

Official confirmation will come on the 10th of November, when NetherRealm Studios will drop the Fighter Pack 3 trailer!

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