QUAKE CHAMPIONS Reveals First Champion - "Nyx" Former Fathom Agent

QUAKE CHAMPIONS Reveals First Champion - "Nyx" Former Fathom Agent

Learn more about Nyx, the first character revealed for the Quake Champions roster! We've got details on her stats, abilities and a new gameplay video thanks to Bethesda SoftWorks!

Bethesda Softworks announced yesterday that registration for the Quake Champions Closed Beta has begun. They've followed up today by revealing a new champion for the roster, the Fathom Agent "Nyx." Judging by the gameplay trailer below, she's going to be a handful!

We've also created a new Nyx wallpaper, with her stats, and included it below. Make sure and hit the Quake Champions wallpaper section for additional wallpapers (coming soon!) and various resolutions, including mobile versions for your phone!

Quake Champions Wallpaper - Nyx

About Nyx
Ages have passed since the peaceable Melem learned to harness the Fathom Orb, imbuing themselves with a trace of its baleful energy to enable “Ghost Walk”—a momentary phase-shift into another dimension. Even when they were sieged by hulking, chitinous marauders, the Ghost Walk saved them as it had many times before. Then, the unthinkable: One of the attackers returned and breached the Orb. With no alternative, the Melem broke their inviolable law and sent their most skilled assassin to the Fathom Orb, not knowing whether she would survive, let alone how she might return.

The Closed Beta is expected to begin in the coming weeks, and PAX East attendees will get a chance to play the game this weekend at the Boston Convention Center at the Bethesda Booth. Haven't registered for the Closed Beta yet? There's still time! Head over to the new official website (http://www.quake.com/) to get registered.
Quake Champions is set to hit the PC later this year and is rumored to be making its way to consoles as well.
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