BUS SIMULATOR Map Expansion Review: Driving Through The New Kerststadt And Sonnstein Maps

Astragon Entertainment, the company behind Bus Simulator, recently released an expansion pack with two new maps. They were nice enough to share a copy with us to review so check out our thoughts below!

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Fans of simulation video games have likely taken Astragon's Bus Simulator for a ride since it's initial debut back in June of 2018 -- almost a full two years ago. A fresh addition to the game has recently been released in the form of a new expansion pack, giving fans another reason to step back into the driver's seat and take the game by the wheel.

The new expansion pack includes two maps, and they couldn't be more different than one another. To give players a good idea of what to expect before purchasing the new expansion, we're sharing our review of the new freshly added maps. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the review copy provided to us by Astragon Entertainment, so we want to thank them.

For anyone who hasn't tried out Bus Simulator yet, it is precisely what it sounds like. The player chooses a bus and then drives through routes, picking up customers and dropping them off at their respective stops.

Of course, it isn't that simple, as all of the not-so-fun aspects of the job are also included to create the most realistic experience for those familiar with the cockpit of an actual bus. These include things such as ringing up the customers for their tickets and checking the bus for anyone trying to grab a free ride.

Additionally, drivers are responsible for keeping the passengers at a reasonable volume, cleaning up trash left behind, returning lost belongings to passengers who have left the bus, and of course -- following the speed limit and traffic rules as one would in real life. But as we aren't here to review the main game and instead are focused on the new maps, let's dive into the actual important content of Bus Simulator -- the expansion. 

The new maps take drivers to the locations of Kerststadt and Sonnstein, both of which are exciting in their own ways. Each of them introduces a new aspect of the game that the original map content didn't contain; generally, they're more exciting.

Kerststadt, the first new city district that you'll notice on the map once purchasing the expansion pack, is known as the "TechHub". It was exciting to drive through this bustling city with tall buildings all around. Near an airport, this location is the reason you see an airplane in the banner for this article.

This University District might be exciting due to all of the hustle and bustle happening, but this also means an increase in the number of customers at each stop in your routes. On top of that, I've noticed that traffic can get pretty backed up in spots -- I even broke the law to get around six cars and meet my time once, though I'm a man of little patience so a more seasoned player will have no problem with these routes.

Alternatively, the mountain village of Sonnstein is more my speed. With much less traffic, the roads feel like they are in your control. I did wind up running the speed limit a few times as there weren't the normal cars stopping in front of me like on most city maps, so keep your eyes peeled when traversing them.

The districs are connected by interesting roads as well. Drivers must traverse tunnels and have even tighter control over the speed of their bus than usual. There are some amazing scenic views, especially when driving by the water.

Filling in the southern part of your map on Bus Simulator is definitely worth it if you're a fan of the game as it includes 20 new stops as well as new skins and decals that were previously unavailable. Of course, the new aspects of the game are also available in multi-player as well, bumping the fun up another notch.

The new map expansion of Bus Simulator takes all of the good aspects of the main game and allows players to experience them in two beautiful new locations. Whether drivers prefer single or multi-player, and whether they're looking for city or mountain driving, Astragon has included something for all fans of the Simulation. - Five out of five.


The official map extension of the popular Bus Simulator expands the main game by 2 brand new municipalities with 9 new, varied missions and 20 bus stops. Many new road miles in Seaside Valley and its surroundings are just waiting to be discovered by you on board of your favorite bus.

Bus Simulator is available now and can be picked up here for PS4 and here for XBOX One. The new maps can be purchased here for PS4 and here for XBOX One.


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