GROUNDED Early Access Surpasses Over One Million Players In Just Two Days

GROUNDED Early Access Surpasses Over One Million Players In Just Two Days

After launching in early access on July 28, Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment's survival game, has already seen more than one million players jump into the dangerous backyard.

Obsidian Entertainment's survival game Grounded has experienced some great success early on. After launching in early access on Xbox One and PC earlier this week, over one million have already jumped into the game and explored the mysterious backyard.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Grounded game director Adam Brennecke thanked the growing community of players:

We want to thank the community for showing support for the recent release of Grounded on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. In its first two days of availability, we’ve had over one million players explore the mysterious backyard, battle giant spiders, and gather tons of useful materials — which has absolutely blown away our small team of 13 here at Obsidian!

As an early access game, Grounded is still very much early-in-development and is limited in what it offers players. There are currently only three major biomes (the grasslands, the hedge, and the haze) with limited crafting and base building options. Only the basic story premise is also playable. Still, it's enough for players to sink their teeth into and get a good feel for what Grounded will offer.

Obsidian will begin delivering game updates, starting August 27. These updates will be shaped by community feedback as Obsidian hopes to make Grounded "the best experience possible" for players. There's no timeframe for when Grounded will exit early access, but the plan is for the full release to have a completed storyline, more bugs, more environments and biomes, more crafting recipes, and additional features that improve the overall game experience.

Grounded is currently only $29.99 on the Microsoft Store and Steam or free for those who are already Xbox Game Pass members. The price is reflective of the beginning stages of early access. As more content and features are added in early access, the price will gradually increase. 

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