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POKÉMON GO Announces Community Day-Like Event To Release New Gen III Pokémon This Upcoming Weekend
The latest hype in Pokémon GO, Niantic's popular mobile game, has primarily surrounded the release of new creatures from the Generation IV era, but this weekend's newly released character is just a bit older.
This Touching Ad For POKÉMON Dress Shirts Shows It's Possible To Remain A Kid At Heart In The Business World
While it's already hard enough to look anywhere without seeing Pokémon references or Pokéfans these days, things have now come a step further with the availability of Pokémon dress shirts. Read on!
POKÉMON GO Egg Updates For The Month Of February Are In - Here's Everything You Need To Know
Pokémon Go rises in popularity over the years and with four generations of monsters in the database, it's getting harder and harder to catch 'em all. One thing that helps, however, is mindful egg hatching!
More Evidence That Video Game Therapies Can Treat TBI After POKÉMON GO Brings Veteran's Memory To Light
Since 2009 the government has shown varied levels of interest into the research of video game therapy for veterans suffering from TBI. A veteran now brings more evidence to light on the subject with his case!
Niantic Just Thanos Snapped Half Of One Of Their Gen IV Species Out Of POKÉMON GO
You read that right! While Niantic has been unloading more and more creatures from Diamond and Pearl into the game, before releasing one of them, they decimated an entire gender! Read on to find out who!
New Egg Hatching List In POKÉMON GO Includes New Baby Pokémon And Shinies
Niantic has switched up their Egg Hatch List once more and thanks to Newsweek, we have the whole thing compiled for you with all the details on who's who. Check it out!
Niantic Is Celebrating With Plenty Of Fun Releases This Christmas In POKÉMON GO
Winter might be the worst time for mobile games like Pokémon GO but Niantic is not backing down in their attempts to keep Trainers off the couch. Here's what December has to offer!
In only a few short weeks you'll be able to purchase the complete six-disc collection of Pokémon: Battle Frontier on DVD, and go exploring with Ash and Brock through Kanto once more!
Niantic Offers Trainers Another Shot At Capturing Johto's Legendary Birds In POKÉMON GO
After re-releasing the Legendary Birds and Beasts of Kanto and Johto as Field Research Rewards, Niantic has now unleashed Lugia and Ho-Oh for one more weekend!
POKÉMON GO Trainer Battles Are Officially Live! Here's How You Can Earn Rewards While Battling
Niantic has finally launched the most requested feature for Pokémon Go and Trainers finally have a chance to battle their friends... and more!

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