<font color=red>RUMOR:</font>  GHOSTBUSTERS - THE VIDEO GAME May Be Getting An HD Remaster

It seems that the fantastic Ghostbusters - The Video Game title could be getting an HD remaster, according to a Taiwanese website that has listed the game; expected to release this year, if true.

The latest rumor doing the rounds seems to suggest that Ghostbusters - The Video Game could be getting an HD remaster. The news comes from a Taiwanese game raiting site Game Rating, which has listed the game as an upcoming Xbox One title expected to release on the 13th of September of this year, no less.

Ghostbusters - The Video Game was a 2009 title that was released for pretty much every platform, and is considered by many — even to this day —  to be the real Ghostbusters 3 movie that we never got. The game even featured Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson in their roles — which is also the last time the cast was able to play the Ghostbusters together before the death of Harold Ramis.

If the rumor was to be believed, a Ghosbusters - The Video Game HD remaster releasing this year comes at the perfect time, since the recently announced Ghostbusters 3 movie is expected to release at some point in Summer of 2020, and this rumored remastered game is the perfect palate cleanser to make people forget about that godawful 2016 movie we do not speak of. 

Until we get official news from Mad Dog LLC, the Ghostbuster - The Video Game HD remaster's alleged new publisher, take this news with a pinch of salt.

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