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POKÉMON GO: Prepare For Trouble And Make It Double As Niantic Announces In-Depth Plans To Punish Cheaters
Coming fresh from Deino's Community Day weekend Pokémon Go creator Niantic has made a serious announcement that they are ramping up security and punishments for those caught cheating in the game - read on!
POKEMON TCG: SWORD & SHIELD - LOST ORIGIN Expansion Looks To Disrupt The Meta With The Lost Zone
Inspired by the recent Nintendo Switch game Pokemon: Legends Arceus, the upcoming Pokemon TCG expansion Sword & Shield - Lost Origin will introduce the Lost Zone mechanic to disrupt the meta.
POKÉMON GO: Prepare To Celebrate The June Community Day - Here's What You Need To Know About Deino
Remaining one of the top mobile video games, Pokémon Go continues to celebrate Community Days each month to keep things fresh and the trainers headed back to the wild. This weekend celebrates Deino.
HALO Honest Trailer Wonders Why The Series Had To Take Master Chief's Helmet Off So Often
The Honest Trailer for Halo is finally here, and as well as pointing out lots of the problems with the hit Paramount+ series, it also echoes many of the same complaints fans of the video games had...
GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 LEAK Reveals Characters, Setting, And Surprising New Gameplay Details!
A massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak appears to have found its way online, revealing new intel on the game's characters, setting, and gameplay changes that look set to be a huge step forward for the series.
ALIENS: FIRETEAM ELITE - PATHOGEN Story Expansion Brings A Sinister New Enemy And Not Even Xenomorphs Are Safe
Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Pathogen is a new story expansion featuring three new campaign missions, new weapons and perks, new cosmetics and, most importantly, deadly new enemies to take on.
FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #5's Epic Cover Delivers The Smackdown Courtesy Of Artist Leinil Francis Yu
Marvel Comics has revealed Leinil Francis Yu's (Secret Invasion) epic cover for Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War ahead of the highly-anticipated crossover coming to a close this September. Check it out here...
TMNT: SHREDDER'S REVENGE Lands For PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo And More
The wait is finally over for a true follow-up to the Heroes in a Half Shell's famous co-op beat-em-up games for decades, and now they finally have it. The Turtles are back!
STARFIELD: Gameplay From Bethesda's Ambitious Sci-Fi RPG Finally Revealed
Get ready for an epic journey into the stars as Bethesda showed off 15 minutes of gameplay from its highly anticipated sci-fi RPG Starfield, coming next year to Xbox and PC.
Spider-Man's Spectacular FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR Costume Has Been Revealed By Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics has shared some very cool new artwork for Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War featuring some Secret Wars-inspired imagery as Peter Parker receives a spectacular new costume. Check it out here...
MARVEL'S MIDNIGHT SUNS Release Date And Pre-Order Details Revealed Alongside New Trailer
Darkness falls on October 7, 2022, with the worldwide launch of Marvel's Midnight Suns, a tactical RPG from Firaxis. Assemble a legendary supernatural team to fight against Lilith and her demonic offspring.
BioWare's DRAGON AGE Is Getting An Animated Series At Netflix
Netflix revealed today Dragon Age: Absolution, a six-episode animated series based on BioWare's beloved fantasy RPG. Check out the teaser trailer below!