SUPER MARIO BROS. Is The "Most Wanted Video Game Film," According To This New Poll

SUPER MARIO BROS. Is The "Most Wanted Video Game Film," According To This New Poll

According to this extensive, new poll; America is most interested in seeing a Super Mario Bros. movie adaptation over any other video game movie. Hit the jump...

Back in 2018, it was announced that Nintendo was teaming up with Illumination Entertainment in order to bring to life an animated movie based on the long-running and iconic Super Mario Bros. franchise. Almost exactly a month ago, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa provided an update on the project — stating that production is "moving along smoothly."

Well, it seems that the general public are particularly excited for a cinematic adaptation of Super Mario Bros. — at least based on this new poll. The Hollywood Reporter enlisted its readers to vote on their "most wanted video game film." That is to say, movie adaptation of a popular video game (or video game series).

The site recently shared the results of this poll and they're certainly interesting. For starters, Super Mario. Bros topped the list by quite a substantial margin. Interestingly, the third and fourth spots are essentially held by the Super Mario Bros. franchise as they're Donkey Kong and Mario Kart respectively. Meanwhile Pac-Man sits in second.

Other Nintendo franchises, such as The Legend of Zelda, follow along with many well-known properties — like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Given the reach of the poll, it's pretty fascinating to see what video game movies people would be interested in seeing.

Check out the poll result below (via @THR):

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